Hackers never rest when it comes to finding new vulnerabilities to penetrate your defenses and gain access through countless applications.  Who is monitoring your systems to ensure they are fully patched against the latest vulnerabilities?  We bring real time vulnerability monitoring and advanced reporting to our customers so we can see where the weaknesses are before the bad guys do.  Patches are deployed in a flash to Windows and 3rd party apps so your network stays as secure as possible. 

With the constant news of new threats and breaches, information security is a top priority for businesses.  That’s why we bring the leader in real-time zero-day malware threat detection to our customers.  You’ll rest a little easier with your systems secured by the market leader and monitored by EdgeTek.  

Critical business information, accounting and customer info, where would your business be without it?  EdgeTek has partnered with one of the most trusted names in cloud backup so you can be assured your data is safe.  With your data secured in geographically diverse locations, and your backups being monitored for failures, what do you have to lose?

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Increasing business productivity is the backbone of IT.  EdgeTek has partnered with Microsoft to bring its customers the world’s leading productivity apps.  With Office 365 apps and a hosted professional email @yourcompany.com, your business will appear as professional as it is while also maximizing productivity.  

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